French Foreign Minister urged to form ‘Friends of Tibetan people’ group

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Tibet activists in France held a protest in front of the parliament house Wednesday and called upon the French Foreign Minister to form a group of « Friends of Tibetan people” to put pressure on China to end the ongoing crisis inside Tibet.
The protest in front of the Assemblee Nationale or the French parliament was organised by Students for a Free Tibet, France, as part of the global movement to highlight the deteriorating situation inside Tibet.

Around 50 Tibetans and supporters were joined by Senator André Gattolin, from the European Green party at the protest.

« Today we are gathered in front of our parliament to bring the voice and the message of Tibetans inside Tibet who are suffering under Chinese repression, » said Anne Wachowiak, co-president of SFT France. The group also called upon the French government to send a « strong and a clear » message to China.

« After more than 50 self-immolations in Tibet, what more is the French government waiting for? » asked Senator Gattolin, promising that with his party and other Tibet supporters in the French parliament he will continue to push the government on the issue of Tibet.

In a letter addressed to the French Foreign minister, Laurent Fabuis, SFT France called upon him to form a group of « Friends of Tibetan people that will put in place a multi-lateral mechanism to put pressure on China to end the atrocities inside Tibet.”

Similar demands were raised last month in the United States by two senior Congressmen, who, in an open letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged her to “work with partner nations and establish a contact group on Tibet to carry out strong, visible public diplomacy on this human rights crisis.”

Congressmen James P McGovern and Frank R Wolf called on Secretary Clinton to organise an international conference on Tibet as an effective means of expressing concern over the humanitarian crisis in the region.

DHARAMSHALA, September 6 – Based on a report submitted by Tenam.

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